The MarketWatch 50

The most influential people in markets

From Wall Street to Washington, Silicon Valley and Reddit — the investors, CEOs, policymakers, AI players and influencers who are impacting markets and your money

How we came up with the list:

We asked our readers to submit nominations and the Marketwatch newsroom collected and reviewed every single one. We circulated the strong and interesting candidates among our staff. MarketWatch’s reporters scoured their beats, talked to their sources, and followed up on promising submissions. Our list-selection committee comprising MarketWatch’s group editors and the editor in chief then made some tough decisions and determined the final list.

One markets list to rule them all:

There are a lot of lists out there, but the MarketWatch 50 is the only list made up of people whose actions, work and opinions have impacted markets — and your money. These are the people who help move the prices of stocks, bonds, commodities or currencies; influence the behavior and strategies of market participants; and play a role in determining how markets are structured, regulated and function. The members of the MarketWatch 50 can head large businesses, hold a public office, or operate a YouTube channel. But the markets — and our readers — must have felt their impact in 2023.


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Why Warren Buffett has done more to educate investors than any other corporate executive

As Buffett lands on the MarketWatch 50 list of the most influential people in markets, his biggest legacy may be how he’s schooled others about investing.

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The doctor lowering drug prices for 1 million patients, with help from Mark Cuban, Sam Altman – and Martin Shkreli 

‘I lost perspective on how many patients are getting ripped off’: Dr. Alex Oshmyansky, CEO and founder of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co., has rattled Big Pharma and lands on the MarketWatch 50 list of the most influential people in markets.

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The Taylor Swift stock-market effect? We are convinced.

‘Shake it off’: Vigorous consumer spending epitomized by the ‘Eras Tour’ helped the U.S. avert a widely-predicted summer recession.

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Ramit Sethi’s formula for riches: A Netflix show, personal trainer and renting

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The stock market hinges on Fed Chair Jay Powell’s every word. Now, the presidential election could too

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Who is having the most influence over your money in 2023? Meet the MarketWatch 50.